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Oh is a strategic marketing agency. We develop companies and vitalize ideas. Our job is simply to see that your brand makes it out there in the world. So whether it's a matter of solving an every day issue, reaching new markets or creating financing strategies for your brilliant new venture, we got your back. Welcome.





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We all want our ideas to be successful. And in our view the key to maximizing the chance of success is to realize that a good idea simply isn't enough. You need a whole bunch of great ideas aligned in order to come even close to perfection. You need ideas about your corporate culture and what makes you unique. And smart communication strategies that can make you famous. If you also want to be rich you need to figure out how to make money. 


At Oh we work with all aspects of brand and business development. We make business plans as well as help clients interact with the latest hype. We create marketing campaigns or get engaged in the core challenges of a corporation. We do this because we know that it all connects. It’s one brand. Whether it's a matter of financing, tech, marketing or building a strong corporate culture that make your employees love you, you need ideas. A lot of them. 

Our process combines strategies from marketing, advertising and business development. We always try to have a clear view of what the key success factors are and how to reach the overall vision of our clients venture. We're fast, experienced and we follow through.

A good idea simply isn't good enough

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