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The Swedish Sea Rescue Society (Sjöräddningssällskapet) is responsible
for 70 percent of all sea rescues in Sweden. The Society is financed by membership fees, donations and voluntary work and has over 100,000 members.


To educate and inform children of how to handle themselves and help others in emergency situations related to water, the idea is to create a club for kids. The club is to be launched by a national campaign together with an online community. ”Kan själv” is Swedish for "I can do it on my own” and the idea is to make water safety interesting and fun by capturing the natural curiosity of children.

Kan Själv! 

Kampanj / Koncept

The club online

When you join the club you can chose to take part in four different courses. They are focused on the skills needed at each season of the year - Ice, Sea, Swim and Water. Each stage has their own calendar with events and fun. On the club web page you can get all the information you need and watch movies of playful activities possible to take part in.

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